It’s Been a Year?

Egad and by the Power of Grayskull! I can’t believe it’s been over a year since I last posted.

I’d like to recount some of my amazing exploits and accomplishments since our last touch-in, but I’ve got a serious case of Dad Brain these days. Like, I don’t even remember posting this over at the other place, although I do vaguely recall the sadly stoic monochrome Mifune.

I think I’ve read a few more Vance stories – The Houses of Iszm, Crusade to Maxus, and Gold and Iron stand out. There are certain elements of Vance’s stories that start to recur, but usually they’re executed in such a satisfying and varied way that recognition of the common idea-seed doesn’t detract from overall enjoyment. Kind of like with Burroughs. That’s been my experience, anyway.

I think it was Houses of Iszm that solidified my resolve to seek out and read one of Vance’s detective/crime stories sooner rather than later. Iszm feels like it could have been traditional noir, with the major plot thread building up to the protagonist’s efforts to elude mysterious pursuers and trying to figure out why he’s being targeted for murder. Except there’s space travel and aliens who grow houses. At any rate, I’ll let you know when I get to that “mundane” Vance story.

I think I’ve read a few dozen pages by other authors? I know I picked up some De Camp, and there may have been some Piper. None of that hooked me.

I also played through Persona 4 Golden last winter, and have been slowly hammering away at Persona 3 FES. Shame this series flew under my radar for so long, as I had a blast with P4G. P3 FES isn’t too shabby so far, either. But man, these things are time-intensive.

Mostly I’ve been working, and spending time with the boy, and working more. Yeah, between my daytime gig as an IT Guy and twilight masquerading as a small business owner, there’s not a whole lot of extra juice left over these days.

Oh, also watched all of Samurai Jack and discovered Eggman’s origin story:


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