The Pile


So I just bought another pile of books. And I’m in like month…two? Three…? …of working my way through Witch World. I like me some Andre Norton, but man, this thing just isn’t grabbing my attention. What a slog.

Meanwhile I’m also working on The Swordsman of Mars, and I’ve identified a Christma-SFF read, which I’ll share soon. You Rankin and Bass fans may be interested, so stay tuned on that.

I’m just not reading as much lately, and physical, paper books are at a double-disadvantage. But if anything’s going to get me going, it’s this stuff – Vance, Vance, more Vance. Berserker #2. Dilvish, the Damned continued. Poul Anderson’s signature Military SF. Yeeesssss…

I’ve been playing Darkest Dungeon on Switch most evenings. Great game, if you’ve not yet checked it out. It’s one of the few I’ve ever purchased on multiple platforms.

Anyway, Monday. Let’s do this.


    • You’re not wrong, John! But I just want to finish it. Part of it is probably my interest in the evolution of SFF. I’m sure there’s something for me to glean from Witch World.

  1. Ten years ago, I had an epiphany: Why the heck am I wasting time trying muddle through a book or movie that is boring/unengaging?

    There are already two many good books out there that we will never ever be able to get to read, purely due to the finite time allowed to us all.

    Stop wasting time when there is something else you want to read. Reading a book isn’t like an honest committed relationship. It’s OK to have wandering eyes for different, possibly better books.If you purchased a book and it doesn’t do anything for you, you owe the author nothing.

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