More ChristmaSFF

A merry Christmas to all of you, and a blessed New Year (soon enough)!

The Bushi family had a nice holiday, though too short – true to form for any Tuesday break. I’m grateful that our first son’s Christmas was bountiful for him – we were able to buy him a few toys and he got some really nice stuff from the rest of the family (behold below the vehicle of our destruction) and from the Kaiju family. I’m looking forward to him being a little older so that we can get past the trimmings and I can teach him about the substance of Christmas.


I received a few more books, which are always welcome but getting harder to knock off lately. I’m thinking it may be a good time to read some of those Philip K Dick short stories soon. I’m almost done with Witch World, and also mucking through Edgar Rice Burroughs’ The Mucker at the moment.

I must confess, though, I’ve been having a lot of fun lately playing Darkest Dungeon and 7 Days to Die. Really does cut down on reading time. Oi.




  1. Merry Christmas!

    Mostly, I got mysteries this year including the Big Book of the Continental Op which includes every story Dashiell Hammett wrote about the character. The one speculative fiction work (a collection of horror stories by Belgian writer Jean Ray) had its publication moved back to January.

  2. Nice purchase. Philip K. Dick is one of my favorite Sci-fi writers, and that volume in particular contains some of his best short stories. Robert E. Howard is, of course, great as usual, and I never tried any Manly Wade Wellman (mostly because it’s a pain in the ass to find copies of his work).

    I got myself the first volume of the complete works of William Hope Hodgson from Night Shade Works, plus a collection of Lord Dunsany short stories. Looking forward to reading these two massively influential authors.

    It’s funny, I used to think short stories were a ridiculous idea, but now when I have less time to read I mostly read short stories and appreciate their value more.

    P.S. Darkest Dungeon whopped my ass. Dark Souls has nothing on that game.

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