Change of Focus

I made an important announcement on Twitter the other day. It is with mingled joy, hope, and sorrow, that I have decided to pursue a career uniting two lifelong passions – pickling and peddling.


Yes, I have decided to leave the breakneck world of SFF. The consumption of science fiction and fantasy books, movies, games, and other media is no longer a pleasure. Rather it has become an obligation. And obligation is something to be reviled.

Therefore I will be slowly converting this blog into a merchant site. As I feel like it. And I’d be much obliged…I mean…I’d very much appreciate your support of the new Bushi Brand Pickles, hand-delivered by me, Bushi.

Here’s a small taste of what’s to come:

Pickled beets









Pickled pickles










Korean pickle









…And much, much more!

And just in case you think this is all hot air, behold – the bare bed of one of many future pickle patches, where yours truly will be cultivating pickled delights for your culinary enjoyment.

Buy my pickles.


  1. Ha, you’re a complete fraud! I didn’t see ONE korean person in that pickled korean. And besides, everybody KNOWS that the best travelling pickle merchants come from New Hampshire…

    • All my life they told me I couldn’t be a pickle merchant because I wasn’t from New Hampshire. I’m going to overcome all odds and prove them wrong – you mark my words!

      • Ahhh, the classic underdog story.
        I hope you’re going to write a tear jerker of a memoir once you succeed. Just remember, Villain is v-i-l-l-a-i-n and Bookstooge has two sets of double o’s. Wouldn’t want to confuse anyone 😉

    • You’ll have to fill out an order slip, John. Then just wait 4-6 months while I nurture the Korean pickles. Once they are fully grown, I will show up at your door with my pickle wagon.

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