That’s Japanese for “Hello World!”

While I’ll still be writing over at pcbushi.com, the ancestral home of the bushis, this here plot is now the place to find PC Bushi and all his major works – writing projects, scifi and fantasy-related ramblings, and if you’re lucky maybe even a little mad gibbering.

If you’re interested in post notifications and updates regarding upcoming fiction, make your mark and mash on that nifty “Subscribe” button in the sidebar.



  1. Where will you be putting your book reviews?

    And I’ve checked the follow up box to see if I get an email. I’ve been bitten that way before.

    • I can’t promise I won’t do any book writing over at pcbushi.com, but my intention is to start putting that kind of content here. I guess I’m still kind of testing the water while I work to gain eyeballs here.

      • Ok, no notification email about your follow up comment. Just so you know. I highly recommend that get fixed. I’m pretty biased when it comes to comments.

        Glad to know that the reviews wil be here. When will the wordpress pcbushi turn into pcbush dot com?

        • Very much appreciated! I’m working on getting this fixed.

          Well, pcbushi.com already routes to pcbushi.wordpress.com, so effectively that’s in place. I just didn’t want to shell out extra cash for the actual hosting for that site. =P

          • Ok, testing this after the “email”.

            And I have never heard of anyone going from dot com to dot wordpress dot com. Isn’t it usually the other way around? Oh wait, I just read the final sentence. Got it. You cheapskate 😉

  2. I don’t sign up for post notifications, since they appear in my feed, just the notification for new comments. Which isn’t working for this post so far at all. I’m off to try your latest post…

    • Ahhh, I misunderstood. I thought we were talking about post notifications! I’m not sure why the comment notifications wouldn’t be working, but will look into it!

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