Red Planet

In the 3021st year of Zan, in the Century of the Great Boral Worm, in the Year of Holy Winds, the Blessed Lord of Space and Matter, keeping his own counsel, ordered a purge of the third planet orbiting the red star known as Pendula.

The world was ravaged first by floods and earthquakes and great storms. Famine and pestilence followed. Finally came Pause, the breath before the Annihilation. During this time, there were principally two qualities of men who remained: the sons of strong men, now rendered weak and pliant, broken down by suffering and misery; and those men who rose to meet the demands of terrible new times, who were hardened like wrought iron.

From the remnants of the last great kingdom, three siblings of an ancient, royal bloodline issued forth, carrying with them the anguished fury of a dying world. They were Pynos the Brave, son of Phyron the Leader of Men, known for his unparalleled combat ability and frightful temper; Lytha the Golden-Eyed, sister of Pynos, who was said to possess a beauty surpassing all others of the age; and their younger brother Telok the Wise, by whose craft and cunning the three contrived a way to hurl themselves into the Void, to the Eternal Land.

There they were met by the Blessed Lord’s men. Out of hand Pynos slew ten of the Jed, the elite royal warriors, before the three were subdued and taken to the Blessed Lord. They presented themselves, and with a rare boldness born of desperation, demanded expiation for the suffering of their planet.

The Court of the Blessed Lord of Space and Matter laughed at this absurdity, but the High Lord studied them for a time.

When he finally spoke, it was with unquestionable finality. The third world of Pendula was spared.

Impressed with Pynos’ yuuye, that is – the quality of persistent courage amplified by the desperation of circumstances under which normal men would crumble, and by his astonishing demonstration as a fighting man, the Lord granted him dominion of the ruined world. Pynos accepted, and became a prince of the Blessed Lord.

Captivated by the rare beauty of Lytha, the Blessed Lord claimed her as concubine for her lifetime, to become the Mother of many worlds. Lytha submitted, and would in time bear the lords of several high seats.

Fascinated with the keen intellect of Telok, who had overcome many obstacles to guide the three to the Eternal Land, the Blessed Lord offered him a position of honor at the Preeminent Library, and in time a Councilorship. Telok assented, and the fates of many men and planets were thus sealed.

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