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I’ve never been that great at sticking to a blog post schedule. I’ve always been a member of the Post Whenever You Feel Like It school of thought. This go-around I’ve tried to write something for every weekday, but it’s been getting a little tough.

SEO has never been a top concern of mine, but then again it doesn’t hurt to get some reads, does it? Don’t want to be writing into a void here. I remember reading somewhere once that posting consistently is more important than posting often. Doesn’t make much sense to me, though. So I’m thinking going forward I’ll try to have something up on a MWF schedule, with maybe some other days thrown in if I have time and materiel.

Just in case you wanted to know.

You fellow bloggers out there – do you have a routine or schedule that you try to stick to, or just post when the mood strikes?


  1. I try to do my reviews on mwf except if I’m reading a lot of manga, which takes up monday, I’ll throw in an extra review on tuesdays.
    Then some misc post on Saturday. Sunday’s I tend to write a lot of the review posts and schedule them.

    • Sounds like a good routine! When I have time I try to get ahead of the game and schedule a post or two for later days, but I haven’t been able to do that recently. Maybe part of it is writing enough so that the process becomes quicker?

      Also this hosted WordPress has a lot more stuff going on. Posts here give me spots to fill in SEO information and such. It’s more time-consuming, but hopefully will make it easier for people to find my posts…

      • Ha, good to know about the seo info. I keep thinking of going dotcom but it would be hosted by as I have zero desire to try to host my own. They’re plans aren’t bad but I’m essentially paying for more space and ad removal and neither of those bother me at the moment 🙂

        As for writing becoming quicker, it hasn’t happened for me. I still just stumble along and considering my reviews are not literary gems, probably shouldn’t take so long as they do 🙂

        • vs is confusing. All I know is I use the free one for and the paid one for, which I host through InMotion. There’s a bit of a learning curve, but I guess it’s a lot easier than having your own web server.

          I do like the additional customizability that I have now. There are a ton of plugins that offer cool features and tools. But yeah it’s not really necessary. Depends what you’re looking to get out of your website/blog.

  2. I used to make an effort to post at least once a week, and did see visits spike the more I posted, but I never monetized my blog so there was no real incentive beyond wanting to see the numbers go up. Now it’s pretty rare that I make time to post anything, and since I read fewer blogs (almost none really) I have less to respond to anyway. But back in the day, I’d draft multiple thoughts, schedule them to post later so I didn’t have two posts on the same day, and even tried having regular topics (film fridays, minis mondays) so if I had a lot of ideas I could space the posts out.
    I focused on have a few categories and tagging extensively, but I am a librarian and that comes pretty naturally to me. I stopped bothering with adding descriptions to pictures etc though that is helpful for SEO too. Getting linked or mentioned by a blog with a big audience makes the most difference — years ago when Grognardia mentioned me I got over 900 views in one day. Commenting on other people’s blogs, and/or responding to their posts on your own, can increase your visibility but I never did it for that reason, I just wanted to have a conversation.

    • Hey, drop a link for me, Mike! Not sure if I’ve seen your blog or not.

      I feel you. My first “serious” blog was about my life in Japan and studying Japanese, and I think the sense of community got me hooked – interacting with other bloggers, getting an occasional message of thanks for providing useful information, or having a conversation with someone who had similar experiences or interests. Eventually I got sick of some of the elements of that niche…and also I moved back to the States and have less time now for Japan-related stuff. But I’ve still got the blogging bug.

      I appreciate you taking the time to drop in and leave some comments, Mike!

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